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OVERVIEW: Defending Your Case

Every case and client presents unique challenges. The initial approach is to ascertain the defenses available and how to best present those defenses. A strategy is developed.

The next step involves assembling a team of professionals best suited to assist the defense. This may include an investigator to interview potential witnesses, a forensic psychologist to testify on behalf of the defense or to refute the prosecution’s expert testimony regarding so-called “victim syndromes” or a forensic toxicologist to address issues involving drugs or alcohol.

The next stage is to prepare the case for court and, ultimately, jury trial. Each case is prepared in this manner so as to present the strongest posture possible to the prosecution. This includes presenting any legal or constitution arguments and/or witness testimony. Essentially, leaving no stone unturned and letting the opposition know you are prepared to take them to task. This formula, combined with hard work, has achieved a high degree of success, as you will see from reviewing the record of case results on this web site.

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